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Fifa 14 Trader is the best autobuyer for Fifa 14 Ultimate Team. It allows you to setup, execute, and monitor your fifa 14 ultimate team trades from any web accessible device.


Frequent Questions

  • What's an autobuyer? An Autobuyer is a program created to trade for you automatically on the FIFA Ultimate Team auction. It constantly searches for players you desire at a price you desire. It will relist your carads for sale whenever they expire and sell cards that you own at a price you specify. Using an autobuyer you can earn millions of coins by buying cards cheap and selling them for more, automatically. The autobuyer does all the work, you simply tell it what to do.
  • How does an autobuyer work? An autobuyer works by logging into your Fifa Ultimate Team account and executing trades based on your trade instructions. You can instruct your autobuyer to purcahse a paraticular player card at a certain price on the auction or sell all cards of a particular player that you own. You instruct the autobuyer on what to do by setting up trade orders. Your trade order tells the autobuyer what player card to buy or sell, at what price, and in what quantity. You can also specify a number of other parameters like, formation, contraacts, etc.
  • Why use an autobuyer? If you're looking to make millions of coins on Fifa Ultimate Team, or if you tired of manually having to manage your orders an autobuyer will make your life much easier. Most players use Fifa 14 Trader so they don't have to worry about missing a great deal or constantly login to relish expired auctions. It's a great deal at the price and all our customers are extremely satisfied.

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Software Requirements

What kind of computer/operating system is required to run the FIFA 14 Trader? Our system works on all platforms (PC, Mac, Linux) and devices (Phone, Tablet, and PC). There are no downloads or software to install. You can start trading immediately from any device.

Always Safe & Secure

We are one of the most popular FIFA Autobuyer providers on the internet and many of our users have been customers since our launch in 2012. Fifa 14 Trader is safe and secure and we've taken all steps to ensure your account details are well protected.

Free Access, Sign Up Now

Absolutely. Sign up today to gain free access to Fifa 14 Trader. Free access allows you to take the time to learn the application before starting your subscription. With Fifa 14 Trader there are never any obligations or purcahse requirements.

Powerful Order Management

Fifa 14 Trader allows you to place buy and sell orders on Fifa 14 Ultimate Team. These orders will be executed until they are fullfilled or canceled. Items that are not sold will be relisted automatically, and the system will automatically search for and buy items in your buy orders.

Advanced Reports & Logs

Fifa 14 Trader features an advance reporting and logging system so you stay ahead of your competition with data and insights that only you have. See daily performance charts that include both buy and sell volume and total coins. Select any day in the past and get an hourly breakdown of your performance. View an itemized log of all your trade activity with detail player information, price, and time.

Trading Spread & Volume Charts

With Fifa 14 Trader you get real-time analysis of the price spread of each player in your order. Easily determine the best price for your buy and sell orders buy analysing buying and volume patterns. These charts allow you to stay ahead of the market and recognize highly profitable players without having to guess. Fifa 14 Trader was modeled after real-time trading platforms and comes with all the features that any FUT trader could desire.

Innovatively Desgined

Fifa 14 Trader is built with new and innovative features like auction tracker, real-time autobuyer feed, and advance reports.

  • Fifa 14 Trader Autobuyer
  • Fifa 14 Trader Autobuyer
  • Fifa 14 Trader Autobuyer
  • Fifa 14 Trader Autobuyer

About us:

At fofx llc we create great software. We've been pioneering innovations in Fifa autobuyers for over two years and believe we've built the best autobuyer of them all. Our mission is simple, to build the most user friendly yet powerful software products online. We live this mission everyday in all that we do, we hope you think so too.


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Please contact us at We will be happy to answer any questions you may have or help you get started with Fifa 14 Trader. Happy trading.